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Our Scents

This is a list of the scents in our permanent line. These scents are available in all of our sizes, including the 2ml sample pack.

All of our scents are gluten free, and we also offer an unscented options for sensitive skin and noses.


Sweet and tart apple is sure to invigorate the senses all year round! This top-selling scent is a favorite and must-have!


Reminiscent of a Blueberry Muffin, this delightful scent is sure to make you feel warm and cozy all day long!

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is the perfect floral scent! Delicate and comforting, this scent is a must-have! So popular, this 2018 Spring Exclusive became part of the permanent collection!


Warm and spicy, this scent will make you crave Red Hots and Apple Cider, as it's a delicate blend between the two styles of cinnamon spice!

Cranberry Rose

Cranberry Rose is a beautiful blended scent of Spiced Cranberry and Rose. It's a special scent created by Classy Cuticles for the 2016 Winter Exclusive Line, but it was so popular that we decided to add it to the permanent line!

Cucumber Melon

Crisp cucumber and sweet melon make this scent refreshing and perfect for the warm months ahead.

Fresh Cotton

The refreshing scent of clean laundry is a pleasant, neutral smell that many find relaxing and comforting!


Sweet and ripe, Mango is one of our top selling scents!


The relaxing, soothing scent of Lavender is sure to help you unwind from a long day and help your cuticles at the same time! This scent is made with real essential oils.

Love Potion

Inspired by your favorite lingerie store scent, Love Potion is a sultry combination of fruity and floral, with notes of peach and cherry blossom, and more. This limited edition scent will leave your cuticles perfectly moisturized and have you smelling like an angel all day long.


Previously known as "Ukrainian Summer" this scent is now availble as part of our permanent line! Sunflower is a warm yet bright scent that will remind you of a sunny summer afternoon. 

Sweet Pea

This delightful spring floral is very popular and beautiful! It's colors draw the eye and it's scent is very pleasant and delicate!


With cosmetic grade Holographic glitter, pink, blue, and purple flowers, and with a vanilla cupcake scent, this cuticle oil is everything unicorn!

Vanilla Nights

A gentle warm vanilla combines with a musky amber in this relaxing scent blend! Neutral enough for either gender to enjoy, this makes the perfect gift!

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